RP SMA connector male right angle crimp for RG178, 1.13mm coax cable

RP SMA connector male right angle crimp for RG178, 1.13mm coax cable


Reverse polarity SMA connectors (RP-SMA or RSMA) are non-standard versions of SMA Cable connectors. The main application for reverse polarity SMA connectors is WLAN based on the regulations of FCC. SMA cable or SMA female PCB type are connecting between WLAN components.

This SMA right angle plug (Male) can combine with RF coaxial cable from 0.81mm, 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, 1.48mm, to RG178. RP SMA connector has 50 ohm impedance, and it offers excellent electrical performance up to 18 GHz.

Wellshow not only can provide you RP SMA right angle gold plug, but also RP SMA right angle nickel type. If you want to cost down, RP SMA Connector right angle nickel plug will be your best option.

If you need same RP right angle SMA male but for thicker coaxial cable like RG58, RG174, RG316, please link here.

Part Numbers

P/N & Drawing Description Cable Group Ohm
RP SMA right angle crimp plug
RP SMA right angle crimp plug
RP SMA right angle crimp plug
RP SMA right angle crimp plug
RP SMA right angle crimp plug
RP SMA right angle crimp plug


Cable Assembly

Cable assembly Instructions Crimp type

Step1. All parts of RP SMA connector are shown as the top line.

Step2. Strip the RF coaxial cable into center conductor, insulator, shielding three parts per recommended stripping dimension shown in SMA connector spec.

Step3. Slide the heat shrinking tube on cable jacket, ferrule on cable braid, spacer onto cable dielectric.

Step4. Insert the center conductor into the pin’s slot and solder it, and then push the other parts into main body until it stops.

Step5. Proceed the first open-short test to make sure signal can transmit well.

Step6. Place the insulator then cap on, and press cap into main body.

Step7. Heat shrink the shrinking tube.

Step8. Do the open-short test of every cable assembly before QC examination.



RP SMA Connector Technical Characteristics

Impedance 50 ohm
Frequency range 0 ~ 18 GHz
VSWR Straight type ≤ 1.3 max.
R/A type ≤ 1.5 max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage 1000 V rms min. for RG142, RG405
750 V rms min. for RG316, RG402
500 V rms min. for RG178
Working voltage 500 V rms max. for RG142, RG405
375 V rms max. for RG316, RG402
170 V rms max. for RG178
Center contact resistance ≤ 6.0 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Outer contact resistance ≤ 2.0 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Insulation resistance ≥ 5×103 MΩ (Megohms min.)
Coupling 1/4-36 thread
Contact Retention 15 in-lbs. min.
Mating torque 2 in-lbs. min.
Mating Durability 500 cycles min. (For Beryllium copper contact only)
Temperature Range −65ºC ~ +155 ºC
Vibration MIL-STD-202 Meth. 204
Corrosion resistance MIL-STD-202 Meth. 101
Body, coupling nut Brass, Non-magnetic stainless steel
Insulator Teflon
Center contact Brass for male, Beryllium copper for female
Crimping sleeve Annealed Brass
Body plating Nickel (Ni), Gold (Au), Passivated
Center contact plating Gold (Au)

Note: These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.