IPEX Connector

IPEX Connector

IPEX Connector (IPX Connector)has designed several series MHF connectors which provide alternative of Hirose U.FL connector, Hirose W.FL connector, and Murata HSC connector. In downsize trend, IPEX Connector is devoted to design and manufacture these ultra small RF connectors as low profile as possible by micro precise stamping techniques.

IPEX/ IPX ultra small RF connector include MHF, MHF37, MHF II/ MHF2, MHF III/ MHF3, and MHF IV/ MHF4. IPEX plug will be terminated with mini coaxial cables like 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, 0.81mm, 1.48mm and RG178 to be RF cable assembly. IPEX female connectors are surface-mounted and soldered directly to the printed circuit board with 50 ohm impedance.

IPEX cable assemblies can transmit single to connect GSM modular and GSM antennas, GPS modular and GPS antenna, WLAN modular and WLAN antenna.

Wellshow has full series of IPEX connector, and can customize every IPEX Connector cable assembly with SMA , SMB , MCX , MMCX , FME , TNC , N connector in 7 days with good quality. Contact us now and we will reply in 24hours.

IPEX Connector Series

Description Mated Height Plug PN Cable Group Receptacle PN Working Frequency
MHF connector 2.5mm 20278-112R-08 0.81mm 20279-001E-01 0 ~ 6GHz
20278-112R-13 1.13mm 0 ~ 6GHz
20278-112R-32 1.32mm 0 ~ 6GHz
MHF 37 connector 2.5mm 20351-112R-37 1.37mm 0 ~ 6GHz
20351-112R-37 1.48mm 0 ~ 5GHz
20351-112R-37 RG178 0 ~ 5GHz
MHF II connector 2.0mm 20311-011R-08 0.81mm 0 ~ 6GHz
20311-011R-08 1.13mm 0 ~ 5GHz
MHF III connector 1.5mm 20367-001R 0.81mm 20369-001E 0 ~ 6GHz
20367-001R 1.13mm 20369-001E 0 ~ 5GHz
MHF IV connector 1.2mm 20448-001R-08 0.81mm 20449-001E 0 ~ 6GHz

Compatibility Information

Description PN PN
MHF plug 2028-112R-08 Compatible to Hirose U.FL plug U.FL-LP-040
Sunridge MCBG plug MCBG#68
20278-112R-13 Compatible to Hirose U.FL plug U.FL-LP-068
Sunridge MCBG plug MCBG#59
20278-112R-32 Compatible to Hirose U.FL plug U.FL-LP-066
Sunridge MCBG plug MCBG#59
20351-112R-37 Compatible to Hirose U.FL plug U.FL-LP-088
MHF II plug 20311-001R-08 Compatible to Hirose U.FL plug U.FL-LP(V)-040
Sunridge MCBG2 MCBG2#68
MHF/ MHFII receptacle 20279-001E-01 Compatible to Hirose U.FL receptacle U.FL-R-SMT
Sunridge MCB receptacle MCB-ST-00T
MHF III plug 20367-001R Compatible to Hirose W.FL plug W.FL-LP-040
Sunridge MCD plug MCD#60, MCD#68
MHF III receptacle 20369-001E Compatible to Hirose W.FL receptacle W.FL-R-SMT-1
Sunridge MCD receptacle MCD-ST-00T
MHF IV plug 20448-001R-08 Compatible to Murata HSC plug MHXP32
MHF IV receptacle 20448-001E Compatible to Murata HSC receptacle MM4829-2702RA4